Nothing special, really. Just a screen that I built into the housing of a telephone. I'm having it here for the sake of having it here and because I like the silly animation. phonescreen

I needed a cheap preview screen for my visuals, so I got a Joytech Playstation 2 monitor from ebay. It had a shell that was supposed to fit on the back of a PS2 and it came in a bundle bundled with an adaptor that converts a cars' 12V DC to 240V AC and a nice bag to accommodate these three items.I didn't have a PS2 to connect it to, so to me it was just a huge thing with an awkward shape.
Then there was an old telephone lying around, as there usually is.
I realised that the screen had pretty much exactly the same size as the phones' keypad.
It was a quick rehousing job. No fancy modifications, really.
It recently broke, probably because I dropped it once too often. Shame. Oh well. I'm still using the bag it came with quite frequently, though.
Did I mention I really like building things into phone shells?

In case I didn't:

"I really like to build things into phone shells."
(Simon Schäfer, 31|01|2013)

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