DSLite USB power

This is a simple, but extremely useful mod for the Nintendo DSLite, which like the Game boy, I am mostly using as an instrument. There are quite a few music apps around for the DS but the most popular and arguably the best one is Korg DS-10, an incredibly powerful synth emulator / sequencer program.

Nintendo DS USB charge connectorI replaced the propietary power socket with a mini USB connector. This makes the DS so much more pleasant to take on the road, because I will never ever have to waste another thought on the stupid stupid stupid Nintendo charger anymore. As far as I remember, I lost at least two of those while travelling, which can turn into a serious problem when the gig happens on a weekend night in the middle of nowhere.

Now I can conveniently use any standard mini USB cable for charging the battery either on my computers' USB ports or any generic USB charge adapter.

To be honest, I am surprised this mod hasn't been widely adapted by the chiptune crowd yet. I'm sure someone else must have noticed the similarity between the DS Power connector and mini USB... Oh hey, someone actually has written an excellent tutorial telling you how to build the mod yourself. That means I won't have to write one. Nice.

I've tested the mod with a DSI as well and it works there, too. Other members of the DS family I haven't tried so far, but I could imagine it being possible with most of them. If you use either of these devices and would like to have yours 'usb-ified' for a small fee, please drop me a line, and I'll see what I can do.


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