Waoss Pad WP1

After working on the KP2, I got all hooked with touchpad interactivity. And since the second one was a not too hard job with modifying, I figured the first one to be similar.

WP1In fact, it was quite a bit easier to work with because it has a plastic shell instead of the KP2's metal one. As to be expected, the sounds and effects are quite similar to the KP2. It does really weird, looong delays and all sorts of dubby stuff, but also lots of seemingly chaotic, really noisy textures. This thing can be quite subtle but also so incredibly violent it melts your face. Compared with the KP2, the interface is a lot more intuitive, with a bigger loop switch that integrates nicely with the existing controls and a routing scheme that opens up more possibilities while not being much more complicated. The bends only work on time-based effects like reverbs and delays, but they do this very effectively. I built it for selling it which I actually regret a bit, because it is such a fun instrument and I'd quite like to keep it, but then again I already have so much gear it's getting a bit much.

With bending the KP2, I already found out that the touch pad is made of translucent foil with a sheet of plastic behind it. It's basically a picture frame (even backlit). Then, I didn't really have anything to put there, because I wanted to keep the multicoloured touch pad backlight. The KP1, though, comes with standard red and yellow SMD LEDs, that can easily be replaced with white ones. Which looks a lot better. Perfect for placing something behind.


    Matrix of 8 switches for address line tone/rythm/feedback/noise/whatever bends, with a 3-way switch connecting to either ground, 5V or a common bus
    Ltc1799 pitchbend/bitcrusher
    Instant loop switch. (with funky multicolour indicator led) Stores whatever is present in memory, building weird, long loops
    Button LEDs changed to green
    Touchpad backlight LEDs changed to white, videoprint integrated into touchpad
    Matrix of 12 Switches for digital noise, crunch and distorsion, from barely audible to completely unreasonable

And this is how it works:



Waoss Pad with DR Link: